12 Mar 2016

EOI Registration Period 2016

Hello everyone,

It's time to enrol to the EOI to do the examination.  You have been and you are working hard, so don't be afraid of it and take your chance.

If you are interested in getting your EOI certification, it's time to do it.  You just have to think about your nearest EOI and do the online registration for the examinations. 

 The exams will be at the end of May and in June, but if you don't pass a part of them, you will have another opportunity in September to try to succeed in passing your failed parts.

If you want to do it in Zaragoza or in Utebo you have to do a pre-enrolment through the net from the 4th to the 12 th April 2016 in any of the following websites:  www.eoi1zaragoza.org, www.eoiflc.org or www.eoiutebo.comAnd later the registration period will be from the 3th to the 13 th May 2016.  You can also choose the Zuera School of Languages to do the Basic and the Intermediate free examinations.

They are free examinations and you have the opportunity of getting the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level in different languages.
And here you will link to different exams performed at the different regions around Spain.

Take profit of it and just do it!
All the best,

26 Jan 2016


Learning a language:  10 things you need to know.
Read this interesting article:

And watch the following Youtube videos:


18 Jan 2016

Would you like to come with us next Saturday morning?

Would you like to come with us next Saturday morning?

A women's group meets at half past eight under the motorway bridge, every Saturday. Immediately we go to run by the forest.
Neither the route nor the kilometres are the same, but this is not a problem, because each of us is there to give it all during an hour or more.
The last day we went through a small forest and we went up and down the hills, testing our physical strength and mental endurance, also we were speaking about our plans for the weekend or about the children’s homework, for example.
Everybody finished sweaty and tired; on the one hand with aching muscles, but on the other hand with a great happiness as we had once again surpassed ourselves……we were gobsmacked!!

In the end, a good shower was waiting for us and after that, we were ready to take the world by storm !!

Come on! Do you trust me??

I invite you to be happy on Saturday morning. If you come, you will not regret it.

Under the motorway bridge we will be waiting for you.

See you

14 Jan 2016



Before starting to write about this subject I, honestly, think we would better know the meaning of the globalization word.
If we look it up in Wikipedia we can read:
Globalization is an economic, technological, political and cultural planetary scale process, which consists in the increasing communication and interdependence among countries of the world, connecting their markets, societies and cultures, through a series of social, economic and political transformations.
In the last decade this integration has incredibly advanced due to progress in the technology, communications, science and transport.
Overall we can say that globalization has brought with itself one of the most interesting debates of the last decade. 
Immediately we can go into detail about it:
Although there are a lot of opinion about this topic, nowadays two totally opposite positions are coexisting  :

1-    Defenders of this phenomenon give us several reasons. On the whole, they think  this process has closed the world trough the  exchange  of  products, goods, information,  culture  and  knowledge .
They said that it allows  freedom to go all over the world, also that it produces more jobs and an important increasing of the economy;  therefore,  infant mortality has decreased, life expectancy has increased.
Finally as a result many countries like China, India,Vietnam  have  raised  their wealth.

2-    Critics support that this process has brought the exploitation of the people in the developing countries and  as a result  a lot of problems  and few benefits are produced, such as the wealth is concentrated among the most of  the developed countries and only the 25 per cent  of the internationa linvestments goes to the poor countries.
Besides, there are too many currents of thought which defends that this process goes beyond economy and also includes culture, helping the cultural imperialism threatening  against the particular people identity.

To sum up, we can say  globalization takes with itself advantages and disadvantages.
       -  Free movement of goods and products.
          - Reduction of the inflation.
       -  Increase in Foreign Investment.
           - Technological development.
        - Cultural Exchange

·       For instance some countries which have benefited from globalization are:
 -India: wchic has reduced by half the rate of poverty in the last two decades.
      -China: the reform has led to the greater decline in the poverty of the history, the  number of                poors  in rural areas fell or declined and worsen from 250 million in 1978 to 34 million nowadays.

- Increase of unemployment
      - Loss of traditional cultural identities
      -  Globalization of crime
      - Increase in the consumption of energy and natural resources
        For example :
        Many African countries have not benefited at all,  its exports are more or less the same.
       So far, my explanation has arrived. What about you?, Which is your opinion??


12 Jan 2016


  •  Could smart drugs be the future for language learning? 
  • What are the moral and ethical implications of medically enhanced education? 
  • Would you take a pill if it would help your ability to learn?  

  • These were some of the questions tackled by a panel of experts at a recent Guardian and British Academy debate. See the highlights here or watch the full debate on YouTube

What happens in the brain when you learn a language?

10 Jan 2016


It's never too late to reconnect with a foreign language

As evening classes come round again, it could be the perfect time to have another try at that language you learned in school. 



-               What do you think it is the best for you when learning English?
-     What do you enjoy doing?
-     Do you think you are aware of your learning, of the aspects which fit better with you and the ones don’t fit? 
-     Do you take profit of this awareness?  It's the best.