15 Feb 2018

Past Simple vs. Present Perfect

Good evening Elementary III Students!

In this post you can have a look at an interesting explanation about the differences between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect tense. (We worked on them last Tuesday)

Note: Pay attention to the use of the adverbs!!

Also, of you want to practice more, I encourage you to do some of the following activities: 

Activity 1

Activity 2

See you in a few minutes!!! 


Video: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track you about

15 Jan 2018

Grammar: Present Simple tense

Good afternoon Elementary I Students

Today we are going to start learning a new tense: The Present Simple

It is not very difficult, but you should revise at home so as to be confident with it. 

I hope this activities could help you. You can print them if you wish and  I would be grateful to correct them. 

Activity 1: Present Simple
Activity 2: Present Simple

These activities are taken from: https://agendaweb.org/verbs/present-simple-worksheets-lessons

See you later guys, 



Video: A valuable lesson for a happier life

Sometimes, people think their lives aren't full enough, however, do we pay attention to the smallest things in our every day life? 

Good afternoon Students,

Today's task: Have a look around you, do you have everything you need? 

Hugs and kisses, 


5 Dec 2017

Listening: Contact

Good evening English IV Students!

I attach you the link of the listening we did today.

As you know,  you just have to do the  first task in which you are supossed to listen to the four problems that the speakers mention.

Have a nice long week. 

See you the 14th of December. 

Kisses and love,