6 Apr 2014


Hello everyone,

I am already at home, I have suffered a duodenal ulcer but everything is under control now.  I have to rest and recover my haemoglobin level.  Meanwhile I propose you two things:

- First:  Continue with your compositions on the blog, I have corrected the ones you have written and you can continue creating new ones, I can work with the computer a little bit every day, so come on!

- Second:  Have a look at the Official School of Languages Free Examinations, and enroll them if you feel prepared, it is a real good opportunity to get an English Certificate (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced).   Open here to get more information about it.

A huge kiss and a big hug,

Thanks very much for your support on the comments to this post.   I am recovering quite well, but I'm afraid the doctor won't let me start working again at least until the end of Easter.  And the Educational Inspector hasn't allowed to send a new teacher to the center in place of me, everything because economical reasons. No words.  So, continue working on the blog,  doing your compositions and having a look at the ones that other students are doing.



The longest day  on my work life was when a coworker and I had to leave to Formigal to unclog a pipe in a restaurant which was placed at 2,000 metres above sea level.
My coworker and I arranged to meet at five o'clock in the morning at work.
We prepared the vehicle with all the tools and we headed to Formigal.
I  remember we arrived at Formigal at about eight o'clock.  First thing we did was to have a coffee.
It was winter and it was very cold, there were a lot of snow and it wasn't sunny at all.
When we finished the coffee, we went to the ski resort.  There,  some workers from Aramon were waiting for us,  and we were talking about how we were going to do the job.
I must explain to you, we usually for these types of work we use special cars equipped with water pumps and a hose to introduce into the pipes.  However in that ocassion it would not be possible because we couldn't go with this vehicle up to 2,000 meters in the mountain.
So, in that ocassion we had to climb just with a portable machine to unclog the pipes.
Can you wonder it???? How on earth were we going to climb to the top of mountain carrying a portable machine????

Well, we carried the portable machine tied to a chair lift and my coworker and I next to it.
IT WAS A CRAZY!!!!!!! But  we arrived to the restaurant on the mountain without any problem.
Once there we went to the restaurant and we started our work. Unfortunately for us the restaurant had closed after its construction all the pipe registers, I mean  there wasn't any valve box pipes, so we could just disassemble a toilet to put the hose through the toilet but it wasn't possible. We needed the help of a mason. He would have to perforate the floor of the restaurant to find one register.
And here, we arose out of another problem. The  boss of the restaurant said to us he wouldn't let us perforate the floor before they had finished serving all the meals.  He said that would be possible at about five o'clock p.m or so.

Until then we didn't make anything.  Thus my coworker and I went to the village.  It was approximately eleven o'clock so we went for a walk around the village and after, we went to have lunch. After eating, we decided to return to the restaurant where we were working again to see how the matter was.  It was half past four.
We got on the chair lift again. When we arrived up, the worker of the chair lift said to us that he was going to finish his work at six o'clock, so we would have to hurry up but everything was going very slowly.  
When we arrived at the restaurant, the mason was still perforating the floor, once he finished we started our work.  However to unclog that pipe was very hard and it took a long time but at the end we did it.
When we looked at the time  uffffffff!!!!!!!!!!  It was six o'clock. We picked up everything hastily and we quickly went to the chair lift but the worker of the chair lift didn't want to go down with us.
We made a phone call to the Aramon's workers but they said to us we would have to wait for the machine that carries the food supplies to the restaurant at night.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE, I SAID TO MYSELF!!!!!!!
Thus we had to wait until ten at night when the machine arrived. It was very cold on the journey in that machine. We reached to the village at half past eleven p.m and then we headed to Zaragoza. 
We arrived  at  Zaragoza  at two o'clock and I arrived home at quarter past two. 


How many hours was I away from home that day??? Do you know it????


1 Apr 2014

Connection between job and English by Alvaro

Hello all of you,

I’d like to write about why I began to learn English, I started learning English because of my job, I explain it to you:
I work on a pharmaceutical factory, I started to work there seven years ago. Along this time the factory has grown a lot. Many new machines have come and many engineers have come too to get  the new machines ready.
As I’m a maintenance technician, each time an engineer is coming one of us must go with the engineer to support him or her and learn as much as we can about the machine. At present at the department we are twenty-four technicians, but when I started to work here, we only were twelve technicians and each of us had and has some machine assigned.
I began with two assigned machines, however I controlled any machine which didn't work well and I fixed it.

Next year two new machines were coming and the boss offered me to assist to the engineer in everything he needed.
Obviously, as the engineer came from England, he didn't speak Spanish.  To work with him was very difficult for me because  I had never studied English, I understood nothing, he spoke very fast and technically, he used words such as drill, tap, screw, bolt, spanner, steam, boiler and many other different technical words. Many times he had to do the drawing of a nut or a washer if not, impossible to understand.
He stayed in Spain two weeks and I stayed with him every time at work. I finished very tired, d'you know the whole day thinking in English even I dreamt in English. 

After that I began to learn English by myself with on-line courses  but I didn't like it a lot because I didn’t have a teacher to correct my mistakes and pronunciation. Well, I was looking for one English course and my sister in-law told me about this course in La Puebla near her house, I said to her: 'It’s very good for me thanks, could you sign me up there please?' And she said to me: 'Of course'  and I’m here.

Along this time many more machines has come, at this moment I‘m in charge of fifteen similar machines, and now I haven’t got time to fix another machines. Every time one machine comes, the engineer comes too and I have to go with him. The engineer comes once or twice each year and I go with him and practise my English, each year I notice I am understanding better.
Nowadays I am able to speak with him about many matters such as travels, holidays, family, even work.
For that reason I began to learn English: to grow in my job.

Do you think you could need English in your job?

Do you think it’s necessary to speak and understand English to find a job?

See you soon. 

27 Mar 2014

EOI Registration Period 2014

Hello everyone,

It's time to enrol to the EOI to do the examination.  You have been and you are working hard, so don't be afraid of it and take your chance.

If you are interested in getting your EOI certification, it's time to do it.  You just have to go to your nearest EOI and do the registration for the examinations. 

 The exams will be at the end of May and in June, but if you don't pass a part of them, you will have another opportunity in September to try to succeed in passing your failed parts.

If you want to do it in Zaragoza or in Utebo you have to do a pre-enrolment through the net from the 4th to the 10 th April 2014 in any of the following websites:  www.eoi1zaragoza.org, www.eoiflc.org or www.eoiutebo.comAnd later the registration period is from the 6th to the 13 th May 2014.  You can also choose the Zuera School of Languages to do the Basic and the Intermediate free examinations, in this case you don't need a pre-enrolment.

They are free examinations and you have the opportunity of getting the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level in different languages.
And here you will link to different exams performed at the different regions around Spain.

Take profit of it and just do it!
All the best,

Describing myself by Ana Silvia Navarro

I am Spanish woman.  I am forty-five years old.  I live in Lugarico de Cerdan, at present I am not working.  I am middle height and a bit plump. My hair is brown and my eyes are also brown. I am a hard-working and cheerful person. I consider myself quite extrovert.  
That's me! 

18 Mar 2014


What do you think about this video?
Seducting is that way?

And if you don't understand very well, you can watch it again with subtitles.

17 Mar 2014


I’m an astronaut and I work in the NASA since 2012, that means 15 years ago. My mates don’t take me seriously because I’m not a vocational cosmonaut, it's just a family tradition. My mother was the first woman who steps on in the Moon and my elder brother was part of the second colony settling down in Mars. Although my job seems fascinating, actually is a routine work: we have to clean our spacecrafts, both inside and outside (there is always some competition to have the cleanest one), it's also necessary to have at every moment the space suit prepared because it’s possible to have some job out…That makes me remember… Last year, one day as any other, I was playing cards with my mates in the head office of the NASA when we were interrupted by a signal that came from space. Everyone knows there is life on other planets, so no one was alarmed. However, radar screen detected an old fashioned ship… and it was indeed. It was one in a million of telecommunication satellites launched into space in the eighties and nineties from US and Russia, that became in after called “space junk”. We went to meet the satellite with our fastest aircraft, because it had lost its orbit and was falling quickly to the Earth, and we took it in the last very moment. Now, you can see it and other eighty-year-old ones in the NASA Museum… Thanks.