6 Mar 2018

International Women's Day 2018: The Time is now

Good afternoon Elementary III and IV Students! 
Please, have a look at this video before coming to our English class next Thursday 8th of March :)

Thanks in advance



What are the words best describe women?

Good afternoon Elementary I and II students, 

This is an interesting video which shows you some of the words we can use to create our own woman acronim! I hope you like it!




15 Feb 2018

Past Simple vs. Present Perfect

Good evening Elementary III Students!

In this post you can have a look at an interesting explanation about the differences between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect tense. (We worked on them last Tuesday)

Note: Pay attention to the use of the adverbs!!

Also, of you want to practice more, I encourage you to do some of the following activities: 

Activity 1

Activity 2

See you in a few minutes!!! 


Video: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track you about

15 Jan 2018

Grammar: Present Simple tense

Good afternoon Elementary I Students

Today we are going to start learning a new tense: The Present Simple

It is not very difficult, but you should revise at home so as to be confident with it. 

I hope this activities could help you. You can print them if you wish and  I would be grateful to correct them. 

Activity 1: Present Simple
Activity 2: Present Simple

These activities are taken from: https://agendaweb.org/verbs/present-simple-worksheets-lessons

See you later guys, 



Video: A valuable lesson for a happier life

Sometimes, people think their lives aren't full enough, however, do we pay attention to the smallest things in our every day life? 

Good afternoon Students,

Today's task: Have a look around you, do you have everything you need? 

Hugs and kisses,