20 Jun 2015


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18 Jun 2015


Hi everyone,

English courses will end next Thursday 18 th June, but as every year it would be good to meet together the last day at the Adult Center to have DINNER TOGETHER here in the centre at the schoolyard (the three courses: Elementary course, Intermediate course and Advanced course) at 19 HOURS.

So, you can bring something to share, some food, something salty, something sweet, some drink or whatever you want, the question is to spend a good time and to speak a bit in English, in Spanish... 

I really hope you can come, it doesn't matter if this year you haven't attended the English courses, or if you started and you have left it, I mean if you are an ex-student, it would be good to see you again.

See you then,

THE MUSIC PARTY on the 21st June in La Puebla

This is the 3nd year La Puebla de Alfindén will be celebrating "La Fiesta de la Música" and it will be on the 21st June as many other countries, cities and towns do it around the world, especially in France.

If you want to know more information about it, here you have the blog link and the facebook link:

We really hope you come, participate and enjoy the music by the street.  

It will be a special day for everyone.

17 Jun 2015

My Dream house

My dream House in My Favourite Place of the World

       My dream house is in Rio de Janeiro City, in the neighbourhood of Ipanema beach.

The Rio de Janeiro Coast
    My dream house has got a big yard and a pool in the backyard. It has got a big living room in L shape, a suite communicated with a pool in the backyard and in my bedroom  there is a big dressing room. My dream house has got only a floor. Many floors are a problem, because when you need something which is upstairs, you must go upstairs and vice-versa. You can go up and down thirty times a day. This is awful!
My dreamhouse has got a barbacue place to have lunch out of the house in warm days next to the pool.  And finally, my dream house has got a hanging hammock to sleep under a tree, you can also eat a barbacue and swim in the pool. It's my dream life, too. ;)
   Another option would be a house in the mountain.  I love the mountains, too. I love natural places.

Baía de Guanabara and Pao de Açúcar- Rio de Janeiro

8 Jun 2015


Have a look at this real story called 

"I lived in a Spanish village for 8 months and 
it changed me forever"

1 Jun 2015

My dream house by Amaya

At present my house is perfect, I have a house with two floors, on the first floor I have two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living-room and  one kitchen. On the second floor there are two flat roofs, one bathroom and a big living room. Outside the house there is a garden and a garage, but if I win the lottery, I will buy an apartment on the beach.

My apartment would have three small bedrooms, a medium-size kitchen,  two bathrooms, flat roof,  a terrace , a swimming pool and a community garden.  It would be near La Puebla de Alfinden.

What do you think about it?