24 Oct 2014


Let's read this piece of information from the BBC News

Describing people

Hello classmates,

My name´s Victoria.
I live in Zaragoza but I´m not from Zaragoza, I'm from Teruel.
I work in a secondary school. The kids are jolly and cheerful, they are nice boys.
I have got brown hair and brown eyes. I am a common Spanish woman.
I am married  and I have got a son.
My parens are very old, and I have got two sisters.
I've got a big family. I have got brothers-in-laws and many nephews and nieces.
I like reading, walking and also watching TV. 
Now I want to learn some English.

Greetings, see you.

23 Oct 2014

PRINCES OR TOADS (Conversation between two friends)

- Hello, Sarah!
- Hello, Jane!
- How was your meeting with the Faceboook boy?
- Fantastic! He’s a charming boy.
- Very well! And what does he look like?
- He’s a bit taller than me and he is as thin as me. He isn’t a handsome man but he’s very attractive. He has a penetrating gaze and wonderful black eyes. He has got black and curly hair, but less than me.
- What’s he like?
- He’s shy in the beginning, but when he feels confident, he doesn’t stop speaking. Also, he’s very polite.
- What does he do for a living?
- He’s an English, French and German teacher in the Zaragoza Official Language School and besides he’s a freelance translator.
- You like the teachers! I remember when you were in love with our Literature teacher at Secondary school. He was so ugly!
- But he explained the subject so well and had a nice voice.
- Luckily your new friend is more handsome.
- Every person has its appeal. No ugly persons.
- Well, for me it’s very important that my boyfriend is handsome, tall, thin, funny, rich, has got blond hair, blue eyes, …, in the end, that he tries to me as a princess.
- Blue princes don’t exist.
- I don’t lose hope to find one. 
- Ok, but just remember he could be a toad, little princess.
- Ha, ha, ha. I'll keep it in mind.
And you, do you believe in blue princes or in toads?



22 Oct 2014


Here you can read some considerations and reflections you write down the other day at class.  Just read it and we will comment it.
  •  Firstly, we must heal Ebola in Africa because we are waiting too much.
  • I hope WHO looks for a vacinne to eradicate Ebola soon, just before it was too late.
  • Speaking about Teresa, I stand out politicians accusing her of being responsible of her infection.  I would like they were in her shoes.
  • I hadn't killed Teresa Romero's dog because it is not verified that it had Ebola and even so if the dog had been sick, we would have tried to save it.
  • Probably it isn't as easy to get infected with Ebola as everybody think.
  • Symptoms are very similar to other diseases like swine fever:  vomiting, headache, fever, and also the way of infection: through fluids, secretions and contaminated blood.
  • People in Spain should have been properly informed when it was decided to pick the missionaries up from Africa and so some of the risks had been avoided.
  • I think Ebola has been introduced in Europe by pharmaceutical businessmen to get money and power.
  • What is the truth about the Ebola?  Do we know everything?  Is the government behind?

16 Oct 2014


Good evening,

We are going to start a new topic which unfortunately is on everybody's mouth at present days.

Everyone takes for granted that new illnesses are coming up and others are already eradicated, but in fact everything is more complicated, mainly if we focus on the third-world countries.

So, think about illness versus health, think about medical ressources and habits, think about our comfortable world and about other country risky situations, think about...  know about...  and try to make an article about it.  It would be interesting to work in couples but you can do it individually if you prefer.

Let us know your impressions, worries, concerns, ... about illness versus health, about differences among countries, about politicians and politics, about...  

You can also look for information or figures in different webpages and add it to your articles, you can search videos, news, ... whatever you want, whatever you need, nowadays ebola is a controversial issue, a hot potato difficult to deal with. 

Your articles can be compositions, expositions, interviews, questionnaires, presentations, photographs, figures, questions, considerations, thoughts, ideas,.... or a mix of everything.   I will help you with whichever you need, you just tell me.  And just try to do your best!


Political Cartoons by Dana Summers


According to your preferences and after collecting and counting your votes, the topics to work on along this year are the following ones:

1st.- Ebola / Illness / Healthy habits
2nd.- Food industry / Meals /Typical food in different countries / Cooking /Recipes
3rd.-  Job interviews / Formal language / Writing emails / Phone calls / Working life / Curious professions // Sports and Hobbies / Adventure //Religious differences / Islamic state / Nowadays news / Current affairs //
Travels / Other countries and cultures / Historical roots

So, let's start our engines and let's prepare our first topic:  

Would you like to know more about the Ebola outbreak?