1 Sep 2014


Hello everyone,

Have you enjoyed summer?  I hope so.

Do you want to improve your English? 
We are just preparing our English courses,  they are free (only 5 € for photocopies) and we will enjoy together speaking in English.  So if you are interested, come to the Adult Center, ask for information and enroll in one of them.

Dates and Timetables to do the Registration:

If you made a pre-registration in June:1st, 2nd and 3rd September
New students: from the 4th September.
From Mondays to Thursdays: 11 am. to 13 pm. and 17 to 19 pm.

Elementary Course:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 to 11'30 in the morning.
Intermediate Course:  Tuesdays from 17 to 19 and Thursdays from 17 to 18 in the evening.
Advanced Course:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19'30 to 20'30 in the evening.

Elementary and Intermediate Courses will be for four months, from September to January and from January to June. 

See you soon!

PS: Remember, even if you did the pre-registration in June, it is now necessary to do the registration.  Hurry up!

20 Jun 2014



(Click on the picture and download the video)

Nice and wonderful evening with all of you!

See you next course!

Have a nice holiday!

12 Jun 2014


Hi everyone,

English courses will end next Thursday 19 th June, but as every year it would be good to meet together the last day at the Adult Center to have dinner together here in the centre at the schoolyard (the three courses: Elementary course, Intermediate courses and Advanced course) at 19 hours.

So, you can bring something to share, some food, something salty, something sweet, some drink or whatever you want, the question is to spend a good time and to speak a bit in English, in Spanish... 

I really hope you can come, it doesn't matter if this year you haven't attended the English courses, I mean if you are an ex-student it would be good to see you again.

See you then,

11 Jun 2014

THE MUSIC PARTY on the 21st June in La Puebla

This is the 2nd year La Puebla de Alfindén will be celebrating "La Fiesta de la Música" and it will be on the 21st June as many other countries, cities and towns do it around the world, especially in France.

If you want to know more information about it, here you have the blog link and the facebook link:


We really hope you come, participate and enjoy the music by the street.  

It will be a special day for everyone.

10 Jun 2014

Ricardo's daily routines

Hello everybody!!

I am going to speak about my daily routines!
I get up at quarter past ten on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and on Monday and Wednesday I get up at nine o'clock to go to the  English class.
Before that I have a shower and  get dressed.
At quarter past eleven I have breakfast: an orange juice with a chicken sandwich and a coffee with milk, then I start working.
At four o'clock I stop to eat .  After lunch I finish my tasks and if I can , I ride my bike until eight o`clock and then I continue working . Usually at half past eleven I have dinner and  I finish working at two o`clock  more or less at night.
At the weekend I don't work, I`m free so I can do all my hobbies.
That's all!

Montse's daily routines

I'm Montse.

I get up at eight o'clock, usually.

After I have for breakfast a coffee with milk and a piece of toast with jam.  I brush my teeth.

I do the housework.  I have a shower, I get dressed, I put on make-up and I comb my hair.

I'm not working now, for this reason I have time for me.

Twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays I have English classes from ten to twelve o'clock. Then I buy food if I need something.

Once a week, on / every Thursdays I have piano classes at half past four /in the afternoon.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the morning I go to the gym and I do pilates, I dance and I swim.

I normally have lunch with my husband.  But sometimes don't, because he has to travel for work. I often have a nap or I watch a film.

I sometimes have a coffee with my friends.

At five o'clock, I go to pick up my daughter from school. We go home and we have a snack.

While she does her homework,  I play the piano, I study English or I read some books.

I prepare dinner and when my husband comes back, we have dinner.  We watch TV and we lie down.

At the Weekends, I usually get up at eight o'clock, too.

We normally go  to a shopping mall, we go for a walk, we are with the family or we have dinner at a restaurant with our friends.

We often go  to the beach or to the mountain.


Ann's daily routine

I get up at seven, I have a shower, I get dressed and have breakfast at half past eight.  Then I leave home to go to work.  I get on the bus and get to the office at nine.  At two I go to have lunch and I continue working until six.  I get home, I relax until eight, prepare dinner, watch TV, brush my teeth and I go to bed at eleven.

These are my imaginary routines.
Bye, bye.