17 May 2018

Video: A Brave New World

Let's talk about the future

How life will be in "X" year's time? 

  1. How have people’s lifestyles changed in your country during your lifetime?
  2. How has your city/town changed in your lifetime? 
  3. What are the good and bad points of living in your city/town these days?
  4. How do you think your city/town will be like in 50 years’ time?
  5. What do the pictures below show about city life?
  6. How do you feel in situations like this?
  7. What other pictures of city life stress would you add?

Taken from:http://mythatsenglish.blogspot.com.es/search/label/The%20future 

7 May 2018

Grammar: To be and Have got

Good morning Elementary I students! As I said last Wednesday today we are going to do a test... 

Are you ready?? Let's go!!

Test: have got/ to be



6 Mar 2018

International Women's Day 2018: The Time is now

Good afternoon Elementary III and IV Students! 
Please, have a look at this video before coming to our English class next Thursday 8th of March :)

Thanks in advance



What are the words best describe women?

Good afternoon Elementary I and II students, 

This is an interesting video which shows you some of the words we can use to create our own woman acronim! I hope you like it!




15 Feb 2018

Past Simple vs. Present Perfect

Good evening Elementary III Students!

In this post you can have a look at an interesting explanation about the differences between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect tense. (We worked on them last Tuesday)

Note: Pay attention to the use of the adverbs!!

Also, of you want to practice more, I encourage you to do some of the following activities: 

Activity 1

Activity 2

See you in a few minutes!!! 


Video: The small and surprisingly dangerous detail the police track you about