26 Feb 2015


We are thinking in visiting London.

Dates would be from Thursday 11th June 2015 to Sunday 14th June 2015, that would be for three nights.

We could share triple or quadruple rooms, the most economical option.

If you are interested, let us know, we are organizing everything.


22 Feb 2015

I'm Sandra

Hi, my name is Sandra.

I am a Spanish woman. I live in Pastriz but I study in La Puebla de Alfindén. I am short. My eyes are green and my hair is brown and curly. I am a sensitive person.  I love my family.  My mother is very beautiful, her name is Mónica.  My father's name is José and he is a hard-working person.  I have got two sisters, their names are Bárbara and Olympia.

That's me and my family.

19 Feb 2015

I will spend 2,000 £ by Begoña

Good morning !!!

Here I am. As every morning, I am having a cup of coffee and reading my favourite newspaper: The Sun, since I am a paparazzo woman.
The first section I look at is employment offers, because I am on the dole.  This seems very interesting:

'We are looking for a woman who likes travelling and loves adventure.  She must be prepared for any situation and her camera always ready.
We offer a minimum wage, bonus as well as perks also, we include free health insurance and a check of 2,000 £ to spend on formal and casual clothes, equipment or anything. The condition to be this check acceptable and effective will be to spent it in the department store of Harrods.'

This ad is for me !!!

I remember first time I saw her a lot of years ago.  She was getting out of her wonderful car, and she was walking towards Harrods' main door.  She was on the top of the most elegant woman all over the world.  She was wearing an awesome attire, her jewellery was fantastic, even in some occasions her mother-in-law had lent her amazing crowns and brilliant necklaces and earrings.  Also, her shoes and the bag were always trendy and very expensive.
 When they learned what an experience I had, I am sure they will take me on.

*Do you know who she is?

Two days later.  "Good news "!  I got it !

*What do you think I should buy? * What  section in Harrods should I go?  It is my first time and I am a foreigner.

*Do you think I have a boring job? Yes.  No.  *Why?

And finally, just a few more questions:  When you read a newspaper, * Do you like fixing your attention to classified ads?  *Which ones do you prefer?

Fast and healthy food by Raúl & Ruth

The last day in the English class, we were speaking about food, recipes and typical food in different countries.
We discovered that we haven't got many things in common, Raúl prefers simple recipes and I prefer more elaborated recipes, he doesn't like cooking and I enjoy preparing different and new meals.

At the end of the class we found two common points:
- both prefer fresh and homemade meals against prepared and precooked meals.
- We haven't got enough time for cooking daily meals.

 For this reason both of us always have at home several products that help us to cook fast and healthy food.

And you, which are your cooking preferences?

Raúl's Items
*Pasta, meat, fish, spices, vegetables

With a good mix of all these ingredients we can prepare delicious recipes like lasagne, (bocaditos de carne) meat bites or sushi. Using our imagination we can discover that coking is easier and funnier than we have ever thought.
It is not necessary to follow professional instructions from a chef to find out our special touch and leave all of our friends very impressed about our skills.
Nowdays, it's common not to have much time to prepare meals, but fortunately, there are many gadgets or items to help us cut the ingredients and give a special design at the presentation.

Rice, fresh fish, vegetables, shellfish, seaweed, meat (sometimes)
It is the most famous Japanese food, to prepare it, first of all we have to boil the rice and after leave it for a while to get the right temperature.
Cut the rest of the ingredients depending on the roll size you would like to elaborate.

Ruth's Items

*Good dishes based on vegetables

 With vegetables you can prepare a big variety of recipes, for example quick, easy and different salads, tasty sautéed vegetables and delicious purees.  In addition vegetables are the base of many amazing sauces.

*Couscous / rice noodles    

Do you like couscous?  Have you ever taste it?  Have you ever prepared it?  Could you name its ingredients?  Could you explain its cooking method?

*Tuna tin

*Seasonal fruits


Meet a colleague at class 
and have a talk with these possible questions.


Let's go to visit the globe in 80 dishes.

Choose one, learn and read about it, watch the video clicking on the video tab
and share it at class.

17 Feb 2015

A suggestion by Arantxa

Hello, I am going to recommend you to visit my village. Its name is Sabiñanigo, it is in the province of Huesca, near the Pyrenees. Sabiñanigo has got a privileged scenery, it is next to Jaca city and it is half an hour drive to lots of wonderful places, like Tena Valley, Aragon Valley, Ordesa National Park...

You can spend a nice and unforgettable weekend booking a room in Villa Virginia Hotel and visiting the places I've mentioned before. In the afternoon you can go to the hotel Spa and in the evening you can have a succulent dinner at the hotel restaurant.

You can visit its website, but it's just in Spanish for the moment.  OPEN IT 

I hope you like it!