17 Dec 2014


Christmas time is coming!

Our last class this year will be next Monday 22nd December 2014.
Remember we won't have English classes till Thursday 8th January 2015.
Plenty of time to enjoy and to review English through the blog, TV, books, films, friends...  or just singing carols and Xmas songs in English, I leave some of them at the Christmas blog category.



Lentils in a pressure cooker by Alvaro

Hello classmates,

I am going to try to explain you a pressure-cook lentil recipe.

Ingredients for two people:

  •  2 cups lentils
  •  1/2 cup rice
  •  a piece of ham
  •  some slices of longaniza or spicy pork sausage
  •  half an onion
  •  salt
  •  1 1/2 litres of water more or less 


In  a pressure cooker we pour the water and the lentils two hours before cooking .
Meanwhile we can fry the onion with the slices of longaniza in a frying pan, when it's all browned, put it in the pressure cooker with the water and lentils, and add the rice, ham and salt.

Shut the pressure cooker and put it in the burner, when the steam starts leaving, turn off the burner and wait fifteen minutes.  Finished that time, let all the steam get out and open the pressure cooker.

This recipe it's just finished.   Hope you make it well and enjoy as I do it.
Enjoy your meal!

See you in class.

My Monday routine (by Noemí)

About my Mondays:

I get up at nine o'clock, I have breakfast, usually milk and biscuits.  I brush my teeth, I put on make-up in my eyes and I get dressed. I go to English class at ten o'clock until half past eleven. When I'm back home, I switch on my computer and check my Facebook and listen to music. 

In the afternoon I go to school to collect a girl, because I'm a babysitter. 

In the evening I have dinner at quarter past nine. I watch TV and go to my bedroom to read and later I go to bed to sleep.  

That's everything I do on Monday!

16 Dec 2014


Working taking care of people is wonderful.
My experience in this area is short but rewarding. Actually I have never been paid for my work in this field, I just made my internship and I have very good memories.
My relationship with children has been very close. They and I felt very well together, because we had a lot of fun just singing, dancing, playing, listening to stories... I keep these days as a beautiful memory in my mind and my heart.
Besides I have worked as a telephone operator in tele-home care services with elderly people. This service assists social and/or sanitary emergencies, loneliness or distress crisis, with the main objective of greeting or talking for a while, remembering an appointment on the calendar (such as medical visits, taking medication properly, ...) congratulating users for their birthday or  giving information about the care system or other resources. I felt very well making life happier to all these people, although I remember there were sad situations that put a lump in my throat and it was very difficult to keep talking. But in general, people are very friendly and likeable.
In both works, I enjoyed much the experience, so I want to work as a children educator, as a  leisure staff or as a tele-home operator in the near future. I finally found a job that I can enjoy with and, as a Chinese proverb says: “If you find a job you like, you will not have to work in your life”.


“Start your day with a smile and
see how fun it is to go out there
out of tune with everyone”.
(Image: http://www.klika.mx/art/unesco-elige-a-mafalda-como-la-imagen-de-el-dia-nacional-del-libro)


To: clasedeingles@educaragon.org
From: cristinahernandezloscos@gmail.com
Subject: Job application
Attachments: CV
Dear Mr. Richard Coll,

I am writing in order to apply for the position of bilingual secretary, advertised in the "Herald of Aragon" of 10th December, reference number 1234BS, and I enclose my CV for consideration.

I completed my training with a High-Level Vocational Course in secretarial certificate, so I am a high technician in bilingual secretarial studies. I  also have the C2 certificate  in English language and French language and the B2 certificate in Italian and in German. I have a medium knowledge of software applications (Windows, Word and Excel) and basic Internet skills. Besides I have several courses of social labour skills. 

I have over ten years of experience working in two important companies as a bilingual secretary, where I was responsible, in both posts, of the typical tasks of the job, and working together with the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the company.

I believe that my passion and aptitude for working as a member of your team also coupled with my preparation and my wide experience make me the ideal candidate for the post. In both companies I was very much appreciated and that implied a good salary above the average sector, so I wish you have this detail in mind when establishing the conditions for my access to this job. Also I would like to know if there are other advantages, opportunities for promotion and whether the incorporation in the company would be immediately.

I am available and ready to come for an interview at any time. I very much appreciate the attention given to this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Cristina Hernández

976123456 (Home)
656123456 (Mobil)
cristinafernandezloscos@gmail.com (Email)


Children and more children

Hi friends,
All my life I have been dedicated to educational subjects. Also I studied to be a teacher.
I worked in several jobs and all of them have been related to education. In some of them I was payed and in others, I wasn't.
Later I passed a public examination and I got a place as a teacher.  In my job, I have been all around Aragon.  Two years ago, I came to work to Zaragoza city and I got a full time job at  Rincón de Goya special education school.
There are children from three years old to twenty-one.  I really love my job. There are many things to do but I learn a lot with them every day. Team work is totally necessary.
People think teachers work only for a few hours but it's not true. When the students go home, teachers are still working in  next day activities.
It's true that teachers have a lot of  holidays but their work is very intensive and beautiful.  A teacher is continually in a training process.
I hope you like it!