16 Mar 2017


Hello everyone,

It's time to enrol to the EOI to do the examination.  You have been and you are working hard, so don't be afraid of it and take your chance.

If you are interested in getting your EOI certification, it's time to do it.  You just have to think about your nearest EOI and do the online registration for the examinations. 

 The exams will be at the end of May and in June, but if you don't pass a part of them, you will have another opportunity in September to try to succeed in passing your failed parts.

If you want to do it in Zaragoza or in Utebo you have to do a pre-enrolment through the net from the 6th to the 18th April 2017 in any of the following websites:  www.eoi1zaragoza.orgwww.eoiflc.org or www.eoiutebo.com.  And later the registration period will be from the th to the 15th May 2017.  You can also choose the Zuera School of Languages to do the Basic and the Intermediate free examinations.

They are free examinations and you have the opportunity of getting the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level in different languages.
And here you will link to different exams performed at the different regions around Spain.

Take profit of it and just do it!
All the best.

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