19 Apr 2017

Describing a friend

Describing a friend


Her name is Ana. She is 40 years old. She is from Villanueva de Gállego. She lives in Muel. She has medium lenght hair and she is average built. She has straight yellow hair and big blue eyes. She has a small nose and a beautiful smile. She is funny. She has two children. She is a housewife. She loves cooking pies and cookies. She likes reading books and watching t.v. She doesn't mind going shopping. She is special because she is my sister!


This is my friend Elena. She is in her 44's. She is Spanish and she lives in Villanueva with her parents and her sister. 
She works as cleaner in the USJ with me. She is tall and thin. She has brown eyes. She has long brown hair. She is happy. She hates studying. She likes going swimming and she loves travelling. She is special because she is always a good friend.

Olga L. 

Her name is Aroa. She is my daughter. She is twelve years old, she is Spanish and she lives in Villanueva de Gállego with her brother, her father and me. 
She lives near the school; she studies sixth grade of Primary at the school "Pintor Pradilla".
She is a beautiful girl. She has long wavy hair and she has always a ponytail. Her eyes are big and she has long eyelashes. She is tall and thin. 
She loves rollerblading, she goes rollerblading everyday. She likes singing and listening to music. She likes going to the beach but she hates sailing. She is afraid of the sea. She is special because she makes me happy. 

Mª Carmen

She lives in Villanueva. She is from Zaragoza. She is a student of English. She has short brown or black hair. She likes walking but She prefers reading a book. 


I don't have a photo of my friend. He is fifty years old. He is Spanish. He lives in Villanueva de Gállego. He works as mechanic in a company. He is very happy. 
He is  182 cm. tall. He has dark brown eyes. He is slim. He has got short straight hair. 


Her name is Ivana, she's Russian and she's my friend. She speaks very well Spanish. 
She's forty years old. She lives in Villanueva, she works in an Art Gallery and she has a son who she loves. 
She has long straight and blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes. 
She's tall and thin and she practices running. 
She is funny, kind and hardworking. 
She loves music, having tapas with friends and learning a lot about computers. 
I like her because she understands me and makes me laugh!


She's thirty six years old. She's Italian and she lives in a village near Roma. She studies music and medicine. 
She loves dancing and she hates going shopping. She prefers having lunch with her friends. 
She has curly black hair. Her eyes are green. She is tall. She is very pretty. 

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